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Adapting to a networked world.

Things we’ve learned helping institutions manage digital change since 1993.

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Drupal 7 is lean, clean and much less mean

Jan 18, 2011  |  by Heather Libby

Drupal is one of our favourite web development platforms. It’s open-source, scalable and deeply customizable, making it the perfect framework for building community-driven, movement-building websites. Communicopia has actively participated in the Drupal development community for many years. We’ve built lots of websites and contributed code/support to past iterations. It’s been exciting to be part of its evolution from a simple content management system to the robust platform it is today.
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Fresh Start: 5 resolutions for your digital program in 2011

Jan 3, 2011  |  by Jason Mogus

For most of us the holidays bring much needed downtime from our busy lives, offering time for reflection, visioning, and planning for the road ahead. The big stories last year will no doubt continue in 2011: massive change and uncertainty is the norm, power continues to shift from big, old, closed institutions (even countries) to newer and more nimble ones, and collaboration, the web and networks are enabling these structural shifts like never before.  

Isn't it time to take a fresh look at your organization's digital program to put you on the right side of these historic shifts?

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18 years of giving to movements gives back

Dec 23, 2010  |  by Heather Libby

The holidays are that giving time of year, so we've been reflecting on some of the projects, ideas, and initiatives we've supported in 2010. Since 1993 while we've always been a mission driven business, while we didn't start with a specific giving strategy, looking back some clear patterns have emerged in the over half a million dollars we've offered through in-kind and cash support to the movements we hold dear.

Our giving falls into three categories: supporting the environmental and social justice movements, community building in our own industry of digital campaigns, and helping create new models for change within business and philanthropy. event in Sydney. 350 is a "network organization"

To succeed on the web, Be like the web

Nov 24, 2010  |  by Jason Mogus

We live in times of great systems change, and a lot of what organizations have done in the past isn’t working so well anymore. But while many are re-trenching, treading water, or tentatively trying small experiments (while keeping everything else the same), some innovators are realizing amazing results by embracing entirely new, network-centric business models.

Governance — the cough medicine of great digital experiences

Nov 8, 2010  |  by Christopher Roy

If you're like me, the mere mention of the word governance has you wishing you surfed for a living rather than trying to lead your organization in building transformative digital experiences. Something like what cough medicine conjures. Something we all need once in a while, but don't actually enjoy. I mean it sounds good, but oh, that aftertaste is wicked awful. If I don't really have to do it, I'll avoid it as long as I can.

Cities try on open — and like the fit

Sep 8, 2010  |  by Jason Mogus

I am proud to live in a city that has a bold vision, relevant for our challenging times. Most people know Vancouver's agenda is to be the greenest city in the world. What you may not know is the civic government also wants to among the most open, collaborative, and community-minded in how it does governing. And they are willing to try out new ways to get there.

Vancouver's innovative crowdsourcing project — Talk Green To Us, launched this summer. The goals are twofold:

  • Share the goals and themes their blue ribbon sustainabilitly panel came up with (education)
  • Ask citizens to suggest new ideas, and vote for and comment on others, to help us get there (engagement)