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25,000 people marching for climate action

A new high bar for campaign integration

Apr 17, 2015  |  by Jason Mogus

After years of pointing to the limits in how progressives move our issues forward in a 21st century media environment, last weekend I had the great luck of being part of a real breakthrough moment.

The Act on Climate March mobilized 25,000 people to the streets of Quebec City, three days before the Premier of Quebec's provincial climate summit. By bringing together the best of modern organizing, communications, and digital campaigning we were able to elevate our issue, change the conversation around it, and frame it in a way that boxed our opponents in, all while achieving breakthrough success in traditional and online media.

It was a huge success, and, I believe, set a new high bar for integration. Here's how I saw it all come together from my role as campaign advisor.

Three styles of campaigns (with wicked websites)

Nov 13, 2014  |  by Jason Mogus

Some of the most exciting work I get to do is campaign planning: taking a group with a vision and some resources and helping them focus a tight communications, engagement, and digital strategy that's going to help them win.

Sometimes people want to start right away with a tactic - they like someone else's website/video/tool and want to be similar. But before you decide what the digital part of your campaign will do, you need to be clear on the things your campaign will be doing first. Are there protests? Are you doing PR or ads? Are you knocking on doors?

Standing behind First Nations to stop new fossil fuel infrastructure

Oct 19, 2014  |  by Jason Mogus

Jan 5 2015 Update: I am so excited to report the campaign blew past all its goals, raising over $340,000 in just a few months!

I don't often post here about my personal passion projects, preferring to stay focused on content useful for digital and comms directors working in social change. But every now and then a cause comes across your desk that really captures your imagination, and Pull Together is that for me.