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The last blog post you'll ever read from Communicopia

May 19, 2016  |  by Jason Mogus

Sorry about the headline. It’s actually not a sad story. It’s a re-birth.

23 years after Communicopia - then one of the world’s first digital media companies - opened its doors to serve the social change community, and five years after we stopped building websites to focus on digital strategy, we’re about to take the next big leap in our own evolutionary journey.

We're changing our name, our offering, and our thinking. Here's why.

What you can learn from Bernie's online Bern

Apr 12, 2016  |  by Jason Mogus

US Presidential elections are amazing generators of innovation in campaigning strategies and tools, and every few cycles allows us to witness a quantum leap that the rest of us can learn from.

Clearly the leaper this time around is Bernie Sanders. And while it's hard to compare our day to day campaigning grind with the resources and spotlight of a Presidential campaign, here are some insights from Bernie's awe inspiring campaign I think are very relevant to the rest of us doing the day to day grind.

3 pillars of campaigns: organizing, PR, digital

Policy is not a campaign plan. These three pillars are.

Mar 11, 2016  |  by Jason Mogus

I just had a call with a promising start up that's trying to build campaign momentum after a successful media launch. They've a lot going for them: a solution to a very prominent issue, their timing is perfect, and they're using an intersectional frame that could bring a lot of powerful actors together for a big win on multiple issues at once.

The problem is, like many policy oriented shops, they think their research, coupled with some digital promotions, will cut them a short cut to winning. That all they need to stand out in today's cause and media-saturated landscape is the power of their great idea and digital magic to make it "go viral".

Tom Liacas

Networked society insights from new team member Tom Liacas

Mar 1, 2016  |  by Jason Mogus

The changes that networks are hard-wiring into society are discussed much more often in the corporate world than in our world of social change. That's why we're so excited that writer, researcher, and strategist Tom Liacas has joined our team. Here is a selection of Tom's recent writing on network society trends in Mashable, Mobilisation Lab and more.

Organizing vs Mobilizing - focusing your campaign to win

Oct 28, 2015  |  by Jason Mogus

I recently learned a new way of looking at and equipping advocacy campaigns based on what phase they are in: organizing vs mobilizing, that I think has real power for all of us.

For me the model is state of the art because it helps answer the critical question I've been exploring for a decade now: why do many of the bigger orgs with massive email lists, lots of resources, and 10-30 “active” campaigns have such low supporter engagement and so rarely “win” campaigns, vs how new, digital-first start-ups with way fewer staff are able to move faster, engage people more deeply, and chalk up win after high profile win?

Maybe it's less about how new they are but rather how disciplined and focused at different stages of their campaigns they are.

Canadian election - movement explainer for Americans

Oct 20, 2015  |  by Jason Mogus

I spend my work days pretty evenly split between US and Canadian clients, and the questions I'm asked most by my progressive friends these past few years are simple: what the heck happened to you guys up there, how did it happen so quickly, and will you come back to being nice again?

Last night was the biggest Canadian election in a generation, and the first one ever that had Americans paying so much attention at all to it. Because a lot of you have been asking questions about whether the landslide victory of Justin Trudeau and his Liberal party means we're back to being a calm, peaceful, respected neighbour to the north, I thought I'd share my analysis.

25,000 people marching for climate action

A new high bar for campaign integration

Apr 17, 2015  |  by Jason Mogus

After years of pointing to the limits in how progressives move our issues forward in a 21st century media environment, last weekend I had the great luck of being part of a real breakthrough moment.

The Act on Climate March mobilized 25,000 people to the streets of Quebec City, three days before the Premier of Quebec's provincial climate summit. By bringing together the best of modern organizing, communications, and digital campaigning we were able to elevate our issue, change the conversation around it, and frame it in a way that boxed our opponents in, all while achieving breakthrough success in traditional and online media.

It was a huge success, and, I believe, set a new high bar for integration. Here's how I saw it all come together from my role as campaign advisor.