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BCSEA — LiveSmart Screenshot

Grassroots effort - powered by digital - brings back LiveSmart BC

May 17, 2010  |  by Jason Mogus

One of our clients, BCSEA, scored a huge campaign victory last month when the B.C. provincial government announced renewed funding for the nearly defunct retrofit energy efficiency program, LiveSmart BC.

LiveSmart BC was created in 2008 to support the government's commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 33% from 2007 levels by 2020. The portfolio included providing support to businesses through tax incentives for energy efficient vehicles - but it was the overwhelming response by homeowners to the retrofit incentives that made the program incredibly successful, meeting its 3-year goal of retrofitting 40,000 homes in just the first 15 months.

Communicopia had worked with BCSEA back in 2008 to design a dynamic new website and build an innovative digital engagement vision that focused on telling inspiring stories and providing new tools to empower members around the province to be more involved in BCSEA campaigns and initiatives. So when LiveSmart BC stopped accepting applications from homeowners in August of 2009 and refused to be commit to future funding for the program, BCSEA was ready.

Launching the "Let LiveSmart Live!" campaign, their online petition tool became key to mobilizing members and supporters to take quick action and send a clear message of support to the provincial government for renewed funding to the project. Matched with a strong media and lobbying strategy, it was ultimately the submission of their petition signed by 1,300 people that led to the reversal of the government's decision to cancel the program and announce $35 million in new funding from 2010-2013.

A huge victory for the BCSEA and its members, the support for the renewal of the LiveSmart BC program is also a clear indication of the interest and willingness of British Columbians to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and conserve energy. This is much to do with the leadership of the BCSEA and other key conservation organizations who are working to build a sustainable energy future for B.C.

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